We are audiovisual Storytellers

Audiovisual for the media and the metaverse.


Pre, Pro y Post Audiovisual Creativity

We create ideas and provide services for the generation of images and sounds. Scripts, audiovisual production, 3D, 2D, motion graphics, editing, colorization, audio design, original music, jingles, podcast. Our team adapts to your needs to produce the project in the best way possible.


Music and audio production

We make images sound like they should by giving them a unique auditory sensory experience. Sounds that excite the mind and we make them live through music, voices, audio effects in a perfect mix.



It is essential that you have within your reach the possibility of generating audiovisuals that tell the story that you need to tell. It’s not just telling the facts, it’s about doing it with «storytelling».

Make the contents friendly so that they are apprehended in an enjoyable way, that makes them imprint in the mind in a more permanent way.


New Media

Mekanismo is part of the national digital ecosystem, so it is always looking for new synergies and forms of audiovisual communication to tell the stories that make a difference.

Augmented Reality, 360 Narrative, Immersive Audio, 3D Web Interaction, photogrammetry, etc. We are always on the lookout for that technique that can give your audience a new way of interacting with your message.

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